Keşif Kampüsü Enthusiasm at TEKNOFEST

Keşif Kampüsü, which is a children's university and was created to bring together children, who are the building blocks of our future, by blending science and technology, was in TEKNOFEST İstanbul.

As Gaziantep Keşif Kampüsü, Samsun Keşif Kampüsü and Canik Özdemir Bayraktar Keşif Kampüsü at Bilim Street and T3 Foundation Stand, we organized 15 different activities for the 6-14 age group during the festival.

These activities, which were held on the themes of technology, art and science, were carried out according to 2 different age groups as 6-9 and 10-14 age groups.

Our children, who had fun while learning in the fields of science and technology, spent time at TEKNOFEST İstanbul in thematic workshops based on questioning and exploring in various fields of science. With workshops that support development in social and emotional areas, a total of 4214 children were reached on Bilim Street and a total of 1975 children were reached in the T3 Foundation Stand Keşif Kampüsü area.

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST İstanbul, 6,189 people were reached as the Keşif Kampüsü.